MeltDose® Technology Platform

The Company’s proprietary MeltDose technology enhances the bioavailability of compounds with low water solubility, supporting the creation of improved versions of marketed drugs.

Veloxis believes that the MeltDose technology may offer several meaningful benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Decreased intra-individual variability
    Veloxis believes that by enhancing bioavailability, variability can be reduced leading to improved efficacy/side effect profiles of compounds with a narrow therapeutic index.
  • Reduction in peak-to-trough ratio
    Drugs often exhibit high peak (Cmax) and low trough (Cmin) plasma levels that may affect the clinical profile of the drug. This is problematic since side effects may be induced at high Cmax values, and lack of clinical effect may occur at low trough levels. A solution to this pharmacokinetic profile problem may be the development of a sustained release formulation such as the Company’s MeltDose technology, allowing a beneficial combination of an increase in bioavailability and a controlled or modified release plasma profile.